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national captioning institute >> we are following breaking news out of the district. two people are in the hospital after a car reported stolen in maryland and a crashing into a metrobus in d.c. we are going to go live to
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brianne carter epicene of what happened. >> the crash happening here in southeast d.c. at the intersection of wheeler road and southern ave. it began in prince george's county. according to police, the vehicle involved in the crash in southeast d.c. was reported stolen in prince george's county around 9:00 this morning. authorities say between the time it was reported stolen and the crash happened, the vehicle was also reported to have been involved in a number of facts where the suspects were allegedly taking items out of people's vehicles in hyattsville. there was a lookout issued for police. not one but two police officers spotted the vehicle. each tried to make a stop but the vehicle fled. police say they did not pursue the car, the car fled. authorities tell us the driver of the vehicle lost control striking a car before striking a metrobus here at this intersection. we talked about the fact the suspects were allegedly involved
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in taking items out of people's cars. we talk to one woman who said she was at a gas station earlier this morning vacuuming her car when she witnessed people taking her purse right out of the back seat. >> i had to add to the stand there and watched him take my pocketbook. and the first thing i could think was, i and glad they did not pull it weapon on me to take my vehicle or to take my pocketbook from me. >> that woman was not injured in this. we do understand according to metro two people on the bus were injured in this crash. the driver and one passenger both were taken to the hospital with a non-life threatening injuries. we understand there were about a dozen people on the bus. police tell us the three people inside of the car involved in the crash have been taken into custody. no word on any injuries to those suspects. we believe no police officers were injured in all of this. no word on any charges at this hour. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> some more breaking news out
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of rockville. news chopper 7 was over rock built -- rockwell pike after four people were hurt in a multiple car crash. they were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. traffic on 355 being diverted. for the second time in one month, someone waiting for a new york city subway train has been pushed onto the tracks and killed. the latest incident happened last night in queens. as jummy olabanji reports, it has metro riders here on alert. >> new york city police say this surveillance video caught the suspect running from the subway station after the crime. >> i can't believe it is happening in this area. >> it happened last night around 8:00. police say an unknown woman pushed the man onto the tracks as the train approached the 40th street bashan in queens. investigators say the woman was sitting alone on a bench mumbling to herself before she got up and pushed the unsuspecting victim.
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witnesses told police they had no time to react. >> we heard about the incident in new york on twitter from one of my friends. >> earlier, a 58-year-old was shot inside -- in front of a train in times square. >> i am going to start standing back. >> people here in d.c. who take the train daily tell us while the two incidents in new york on very sad they do not plan to change their habits. >> i never stand to close to the rail so it does not concern me at length. i can run up to the train as it is coming. >> authorities in new york of hoping someone may know this woman. they have been looking for her since last night. subway riders are wondering if something like this can be prevented from happening again. >> they need to slow the trains down around 15 miles an hour as they are coming in, so if something does happen they have
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time to stop. >> jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> three officers have been hospitalized after a shooting in a new jersey police department. it happened this morning where a domestic violence suspect was being processed. they say there was a violent confrontation. he got his hands on a police gun and shot a police. one officer was hit and is in stable condition and other officers suffered minor injuries. two men accused of a brutal beating near eastern market part in court today. they were before a judge for a status hearing. the grand jury indicted them on 10 felony counts last week, including aggravated assault and weapons charges. they are accused of robbing and beating a man back in august. one other man is charged in the attack. mazlan is recovering fromevere brain injuries. frantic work under way with just
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four days left to pass a fiscal cliff deal and lawmakers are meeting again this afternoon to try to avert major tax hikes and spending cuts. the latest on what we can expect from today's efforts. >> the key players will give it one last shot. president obama and congressional leaders will meet this afternoon at the white house in a last-ditch effort to avoid a self-inflicted fiscal calamity. this is the first meeting between the power plays in six weeks. if they can't work out some kind of agreement automatic tax hikes and spending cuts will go into affected new year's day, which will impact most americans and will put the nation back into recession. >> we are coming up against a hard deadline. >> at today's meeting, president obama will push for a stop gap measure, a small deal that will at least prevent tax increases for those earning $250,000 or less. but even that seems unlikely. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> publicly, both sides have ratcheted up rhetoric, pointing
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the finger. >> john boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than keeping the nation on firm financial footing. >> the only reason why democrats have been trying to defect -- deflect attention over the past few weeks is they did not have a plan of their own. >> the path for the rest in the hands of the senate. house republican leaders say they will take action on whatever bill can pass the chamber. if there is a breakthrough, the legislation will not pass until the 11th hour or because house members to not return here until sunday night. abc news washington. >> new word on a potential dockworkers' strike that could cripple the nation's economy. the mediator now says contract with the longshoremen on the east and gulf coast have been extended for 30 days. thousands of workers at the port of baltimore and 14 other ports from boston to houston were ready to go on strike sunday. those ports move about 40% of the nation's container cargo traffic.
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we enjoyed sunshine across the region, but the big story is tomorrow's potential snow. steve rudin is here to talk about that. >> we are watching the maps right now. right now it appears we will see a little bit of snow here in the d.c. area, but not a ton. take a look at the travel forecast. no problems for indianapolis, detroit, new york city and boston. you will find absolutely beautiful conditions as you head to the center of the country. we are watching a storm system to the lower left-hand corner of the screen. this is what is on its way tomorrow. it will start off as a bit of a wintry mix changing over to right now it appears mainly rain. already we do have a winter weather advisory set to go into effect late tonight into the day tomorrow. north and west of d.c., including frederick maryland, and the panhandle of west virginia. what to expect and when coming up in just a few minutes from the bill for whether -- belfort
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furniture weather center. >> a new york woman is charged of running a scam following the massacre newtown, conn. she posted hours after the shooting she was the kind of one of the victims. the fbi also said she sent a labyrinth text messages to a donor who fell for this game. the fbi says all of the money has been refunded. a new type of investigation after the sandy hook shooting. geneticists are studying adam lanza's dna. they say there are genetic components to mental a list of many factors involved. scientists are not looking for anything specific and they admit it is unlikely they will find anything. the result will likely not be released for several weeks. after the shooting spree there have been plenty of questions about school safety. that is why hundreds of staff members at utah school turned out last night for free gun training. everyone from third grade
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teachers to janitors and cafeteria workers were taught how to fight back in a situation like that at sandy hook. >> i am just were read a little bit, what would i do as a teacher. how would you protect yourself if you were being fired upon? >> with the recent tragedy, i realize it is probably a good time for me to act on that. >> trainers and that advocates said not every teacher who showed up applied for or even wanted a gun permit, but they said the purpose of the training was to help people learn about their options in a responsible manner. in a few hours, the debate over guns will take center stage in northern virginia. members of the group code pink plan to rally outside a gun show in chantilly this afternoon. organizers say they will hold signs advocating for an assault weapons ban and background checks for people who buy weapons and gun shows. this week and the redskins had the field against the dallas cowboys and as you imagine
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playoff hopes are high if the skins win. as john gonzales reports, the atmosphere in washington is the electric. >> how excited are redskins fans? >> making sure i take my blood pressure medicine. >> redskins fever is boiling over two days after arguably the biggest football game this town has seen and at least a decade. fans and not holding anything back. >> i just cannot wait. next best thing that having my first child. >> and you cannot write a better conclusion, and match against the dreaded dallas cowboys. winner-take-all. fans say they deserve a win. >> watching fans stick with their team a matter what they do. when, lose or draw. >> down the street from the stadium, burgundy and gold in the air -- everything from balloons to get back -- if the basket. and cakes and pastries. >> a lot of party is going on in
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a couple of days. >> if you are still trying to get tickets, it will cost between $500.800 dollars for a decent seats -- $500-$800 a decent seats. some say the cranium could reach rfk excitement. this fan is decked out with new additions -- additions, all accompanied by a prediction. >> they will 136-26. >> this is such a big game, metro will stay open an extra hour after the game and the stadium as allow tailgating to begin an hour earlier on sunday. the party begins in the parking lot at 3:30 p.m. that's field, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> one or lose on sunday, the indianapolis colts will enjoy a huge personal victory. coach lagano will be back on the sidelines after wrapping up treatment from leukemia.
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the diagnosis came less than a month into the season so he took a leave of absence while he underwent chemotherapy but visited the team whenever he was able. coming up -- a special ceremony today at the national cathedral. we will tell you which president being honored. plus, the first steps toward rebuilding and alabama as the governor toward mass of tornado damage. and look back at the life of the general would lead the countries troops during the first gulf war. a live look outside -- mostly sunny through the morning but expect crop -- clouds
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>> the general who became a
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household name during operation desert storm has died. general norman schwarzkopf died in his home in tampa after complications due to pneumonia. the 78-year-old nicknamed stormin' norman commanded u.s. forces in the ground division to force iraqi troops out of kuwait in 1991 and also commanded forces in grenada and won 3 suncoast -- silver stars and vietnam. president george h. w. bush released a statement saying schwarzkopf -- alabama governor is touring the devastation after a christmas day tornado. he began and i high-school auditorium and mobile where there was significant with damage. the tornado had winds up to 135 miles an hour. even though the damage is
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widespread governor bentley says there is still a silver lining to the storm. >> it is a shame to see the damage. but the good thing we have to remember is we did not lose any lives, and we do not have any serious injuries. >> the governor says he in not certain whether there will be a federal disaster declaration. state officials still have to review damage estimates first. steve rudin 12:17 this friday. we have an okay day out but everybody is talking about tomorrow. >> a little snow can go a long way but it will not be anything huge. >> no need to panic. >> and looks like more remixing and. outside it is quiet and try. clouds beginning to roll in from the south and west, part of the system that will bring went through the other tomorrow. 43 at reagan national. when shall just around 39. not too bad compared to yesterday when we have the gusty winds. temperatures, 38 degrees in centreville as we move on to
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silver spring, 39. feels like the lower 30's woodwind's around 6-7 miles an hour. temperatures across the board not so bad. coler north to the west of us. -- cooler north and the west of us. the colder air in upper michigan the teens, new york city at 34 degrees. about a 10-degree difference compared to two under miles away. this is the storm system we are watching. it will track to the north and east in the overnight. cloud will arrive at with the cloud we will see snow showers develop. then eventually mixing in with a little freezing rain and rain. doppler radar will show temperatures, pretty consistent with this time of year holding in the 30's to the lower 40
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piece. tomorrow afternoon notice d.c. is green which means mainly rain. do not have to add to far to the north and west, where we have the winter weather advisories. set to go into effect 3:00 tomorrow morning and all day long and it could be upwards 2- 4 inches of snow. the heaviest snow band well to the north and west of us. heading over to d.c., grassy areas possibly 1-2 inches. southern maryland and mainly a rain event. all of this will be out of here by late tomorrow night and by sunday looks like a pretty decent day. the forecast for the remainder of the afternoon increasing clouds. 39-44 overnight. cloudy skies. a wintry mix will develop. tomorrow will not be the prettiest of days. snow to the north and west of d.c., rain and snow to the south and east.
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the extended outlook will take us through the new year. in new year's eve will be dry but temperatures in the 40's. >> not a frightening snow. >> it is 1 on a scale of a 1-10. but it will be nice -- for people like the snow. >> coming up, the title for the world's tallest bulk has
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>> we have an update to a story we brought you earlier. sunday cooty and tommy branch pleaded not guilty in the beating near eastern market. the two demanded a jury trial and will be back in court next week for another status hearing. a wreath laying ceremony took place this morning at the national cathedral and honor of president woodrow wilson's birthday. the 28th president of the united states is buried inside the cathedral, the only president buried inside a church and in
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d.c. if family in arizona is celebrating the fact there dog has been named the world's tallest. bella. the guinness book of world records crown this great game the tallest living female dog in the world. she weighs 170 pounds and stands just over 3 feet tall when on all fours. despite her new fame, she is taking it easy after earning four obedience titles. steve comes back [ male announcer
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>> we just introduce you to the largest dog and now to the smaller end of the spectrum. oscar, from tucson, arizona, the fastest wiener dog in the annual dachshund race. oscar and his owner walked away from the race $1,000 wealthier. he seems excited. >> not so bad. we have changes on the way. the sunshine out there for at least the next hour or two and the crowd -- clouds will quickly increase in the afternoon. tomorrow, a wintry mix, we could pick up from a trace and southern maryland to 1 inch to two inches and the district. a new year's eve and will be dry and chilly.
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